7.11.2005 - ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0
Christian Sexuality PowerPoint Downloads -> [CLICK HERE]
Also, will soon have Senior Prom gallery (maybe site, too) up. Hopefully.

3.4.2005 - ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0
Yeah. So, I went to [Japan]. Gallery up, adding captions, will eventually have trip log. Am also adding sites to the [Sites] page. Have new layout plan for main site. Somewhere. Even have layout for Japan Trip site, will implement next month maybe. Also planning to organize links page into sections based on search strings.

1.19.2005 - ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0
Pony site almost completed, only three pages to go. Will add to hosted sites when complete. May host additional sites created by friends.

12.7.2004 - ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0
A-Court gallery works. Also, have realized completely obvious downside to using an image containing the words 'last updated' on the pony site splash. Edit: Fixed

11.26.2004 - ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0
Added link descriptions to the links page. Starting My Little Pony custom project site. [here] Still fixing A-Court site.

10.29.2004 ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0
Updated about. Have been using Highlander subdomain extensively, and I want to fix the A-Court subdomain (having been just yanked over from its Geocities account), so this main site will not be updated for quite a while, I'm sorry.

7.26.2004 - ~ night & mustard, ver. 1.0 finalized
Uploaded same day. I think the color scheme is hideous and will work on that next week. The next layout will use style sheets, instead of body tags and font hacks.

7.20.2004 - ver. 0.1 uploaded
Work begins on ver. 1.0