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illwillpress - Proud home of Foamy the Squirrel
Mink's - Yaoi Fanfiction site, I highly rec the fairytales.
Shinan-Jo: Blade of the Immortal - Fansite with information on the manga Blade of the Immortal
Destiny Interrupted - Ponderosa 121's site, great art, and great fics.
Final Judgement - Sydney Losstarot shrine [Vagrant Story]
Val's Scar Shrine - Scar shrine [Fullmetal Alchemist]
Blue Havens - Beautiful art.
DUO BRAND - Japanese art site
Auron Revolution - Final Fantasy X community site.
Girlamatic - Great webcomic site with mostly female artists.
Tigermilk - The best One Piece art ever. Has some fabulous Zoro x Sanji goodness.
Hotboys - Another great Japanese yaoi artsite.
Cyber Syndrome Proxy List - List of proxy servers.
iCapture - See how your site looks in Safari.
Brunching Shuttlecocks - Amusing humor site.
Internet Archive - Take a stroll through internet history, use the wayback machine!
Mailinator - Tired of having to give sites your email address? Mailinator = perfect solution. - Has some great Hellsing sites. Also home of the Hellsing Fic Bitches.
RinkWorks - Another fun humor site.
Vivisimo - Cluster search engine.
Kali's Web Shoppe - Great resource for anyone who has (or wants to have) a website.
Lorem Ipsum - The original filler text!
php - PHP's official site.
Google Hacks - Interesting things you can do with Google!
Bitterfilms - The home of Rejected. "My spoon is too big!"
phpbb - This is the home of the same forums we use.
Day Dream Graphics - Nice web resource site, but this one also has templates.
Doctor Who (BBC) - Official BBC site for the longest running sci-fi show on television.
IRC Bible - The Holy Bible...translated into internet. lol
FFX Yaoi - Nice Final Fantasy X site, has some cute extras.
Madam Hydra - Crack dealer. Gorgeous fanfiction, beautifully written, but NEVER UPDATED. The paaaiiin... - Another lovely fanfiction site. She actually updates though.
Gundam Wing Universe - Great site for Gundam Wing fanfiction.
The Golden Dawn - Home of one of the best NightWalker fanfiction AU series ever.
Twisted Perspective - (Gundam Wing) Fanfiction and doushinshi. Check out the fic Asylum.
Yaoi Shrine - Great yaoi resource, has scans, fanfiction, and more goodness.
Black Sunshine - Some more fanfiction, this one (I think) has some nice Final Fantasy 8 stuff.
Manna's Slashfic Archive - Home of my favouritist original fiction site EVER. Guh.
Scimitar Smile - Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction archive.
Blood, Love & Rhetoric - Sleeps With Coyotes is silver-tongued and this site has her wonderful fanfiction.
Encyclopedia Obscura - Video game encyclopedia site with great and funny articles. I rec 16 bit mansex.
Amethyst Angel - Happy home of Hamlet, the manga done by the cast of Slayers.
Game Girl Advance - Girls really do game, here's a great site for those who do. The Prince of Persia loveletter article is hilarious.
Orisinal - Addictive little flash games with great music behind them.
Sim Slice - Hacks and items for The Sims and The Sims 2, but mostly The Sims.
The Unofficial FFX Translation - Just what it sounds like. Also see The Unofficial FFX-2 Translation.
World of Monkey Island - Great Monkey Island information site, very fun.
Videogame Recaps - 'Where Sarcasm and Videogames Meet!' Best. Site. Ever.
Mega64 - You have to see the Tetris video. GO! Download it NOW!
Shinigami & Wing - Gundam Wing yaoi site.
Armitage's Dimension - Streaming anime radio.
Digitally Imported - Steaming techno radio.
Japanese <-> English Dictionary - JEDI is God. I use this obsessively.
The Senshi Academy - Has manga translations and other things.
The Kanji Site - Site for learning Japanese kanji.
Seiyuu Database - Great resource for looking up and learning more about Japanese voice actors.
Eric Conveys an Emotion - Need a laugh? Go here. Click on emotions. Be amused.
Internet Movie Database - Best site out there for movie information. Also has info on TV shows and videogames.
The Onion - Satirical news.
SakuraCon - The Northwest's best anime convention.
Naruto Chuushin - Naruto community site, has manga downloads.
Bacon Wafer - Has fanfiction, winamp skins, wallpapers, and other bizarre things. - THE music video site. If you like watching anime music vids, go here. Join. It's definately worth it.
Anime Suki - BitTorrent links for various anime series.
Boys Next Door - Yaoi site. Has various tasty tidbits.
Bishounen Bondage - Another delightful yaoi site, this one has some fun scans.
Danime - Some beautiful art.
Dub Review - Worried about your favourite series being dubbed over? Check here. They'll give it to you straight. - Shrine for Farfarello from everyone's favourite assasins-disguised-as-florists show.
Got Woot - Anime fansubbing site.
Lord Carnage's Cursed Fanboys - Anime fansite, leans towards Neon Genisis Evangelion.
NightWalker - Good NightWalker fansite.
Vamppire - Delicious yaoi manga scans.
Sakura-Crisis - Yaoi manga scanlation site.
Sandar's Dimension - Look at the splash page to see what it has. I'm rather fond of the quotes section.
Pure Yaoi - Has sound clips and other fun yaoi things.
Toasty Frog - Home of the ever-popular thumbnail theater!
Aestheticism - One of the nicest yaoi sites out there, very shiny.
The Dusty Moth - Fanfiction for various series.
Revealed Truth - A shrine to Seymour Guado from Final Fantasy X.
Toriyama's World - Scanlation site, has many good manga and interesting sections. - Lovely site for Ai no Kusabi, has the drama cd for download.
Corry's Factory - Skins and objects for The Sims. Very pretty.
Anime Sims - Skins for The Sims and The Sims 2.
Jeannie's Bottle of Sims - Pretty clothes for The Sims.
Evil Overlord - Home of the List of Things I Will Do If/When I Become An Evil Overlord.
Fear the Spoon - Fullmetal Alchemist fansub site.
Happy Simz - Skins for The Sims.
Angry Alien - Famous movies as performed by BUNNIES!
Idlechan - Alternative to 4chan, also called iichan. Currently closed (probably will stay that way).
Supermanic Soul - Naruto KakaIru art site.
Aku-Tenshi - Scanslation site. Home of the completely adorable Thief and Detective.
So Da Sexy - Doujinshi scans, has a lot of Final Fantasy 7.
Addiction - ...I don't remember what this is. And the site appears to be down. If site is still down in a month, I will remove the link.
Nakama - Scanslation site. Has yummy yaoi manga.
Remedy - Great site for stuff on Gouhou Drug.
Tasty Graphite - Art site for Naruto, Final Fantasy X, and other series.
Sadomina's Zetsuai Shrine - Site has many, many doujinshi and artbook downloads. Very shiny.
maxmaximum - Kazusa Takahashi's site. Has some nice bonus art.
Furiae - Beautful art. Check out the nice wallpapers.
Storm in Heaven - Scanlation site.
Obsession - Yaoi scanlation site, one of the best out there. Also scanslates into Spanish.
LiveJournal - Popular weblogging site.
Siren and Itsy - Starting web comic novel.
deviantART - Popular art site.

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