Your Webmistress (aka The Code Jockey)

Silly Girly Nicknames: Kitty, Kitty-Kat, Atykates, and Kates
Height: 5' 6" (Shortest in the family ^_^;;)
Hair: Blonde-turned-brunette, a bit over 2 ft.
Eyes: Chocolate

Likes: The A-Court, cute things, alchemy, shiny things, anime, bishies, Blade of the Immortal, the smell of onions, computers, dave barry, the smell of laundry powder, Doctor Who, baby powder, dogs, ducks, Final Fantasy, fire, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, horses, Invader Zim, Lupin III, manga, reading, mermaids, music videos, ninja linedancing, socks, video games, wings, books, wolves, yaoi, and nice people.

Dislikes: Mean people, puke, allergies, annoying little kids, the song 'Zippedy Do Dah', rap, people who smell bad, Spy Kids, pot-smokers, smokers in general, people who don't care about education, hate, crashes, pigs, stupid Presidents, satanic Vice Presidents, homophobes, and yellow flowers.

Site was registered on July 13 of 2004. It's primary usage is for school storage (learning php, synchonizing files, and such). It also hosts family and friends, in e-mail services and web space.


Hosting: FuitadNET
Coding: Dreamweaver (on both Win XP and OSX)
Imaging: Photoshop 7.0