Welcome to the A-Court!
Beware the molesty tree...

Do you like ice skating on concrete in chicken suits while groping perverted pantsless pirates and viking ballerinas wearing hoodies practicing (respectively) monkey-fun and snuggle-fu? Howabout watching really bad movies in playboy bunny boxers while singing campfire songs with a table-dancing trogdor?

If so, then you seem to be just as batty as the members of a certain, shall we say, 'outdoors club'. If you'd like to get to know these elusive creatures, simply click on the button that says 'Courtians' and you shall be transported to a page (with pictures even) telling you more than you ever wanted to know (ever) about a bunch of excitable youth who go to school. Sometimes.

If you wish to see pictures of daily life in the A-Court, click on 'Gallery' where you will find thumbnails of pictures taken in the A-Court by the A-Court for no reason, really, we just kind of felt like it. Click on the thumbnail to see the original picture, which will probably be bigger. Probably.

If I decide to use the word 'if' to start every paragraph after the first one, I will do so. And, if you want to, you can check out the forum. Forums are fun! The A-Court also has a chat room. To get to either of these, plus a member database, you can click on 'WAHA~!'. Of course, you can also click on just about whatever the heck you like, but to get to the aforementioned items, you'd be better off clicking on 'WAHA~!'.

If you're tired of us already and you want to leave, we'd appriciate if you'd click on 'Bai bai' to do so. That will take you to a page where you can e-mail the webmistress, check out the A-Court LiveJournal, fill out a response form, link to us, and some links to websites we really like. Doesn't that sound fun! Go there! NOW! O.O